●This guesthouse is not normal hotel. Our aim is to have a wonderful time with other guests with thoughtful consideration to others.  If you prefer a normal private room, this is not suitable place for you. There are a lot of hotels and inns around Niitaga Station. 

​●Over 12 years old person only. If you have a child under 11 years old with you, please rent whole guest house. Under 11 years old child is also charged same as an adult, but if you sleep with a small child in the same bed, will be charged 1000 yen for each child per night.

●Two cats are living with us. Generally they stay in the owner's private area (the second floor). If you don't like cats or have allergy, we will not let them go to the guest area. However when there are other guests who love cats, maybe you need to remain for a while in your own bed room. At any time, cats are not allowed to go to the bed room area. 

●Sometimes in the rain time, we're very sorry about that the sound of falling rain outside is very loud. But we can't help it. There is no complaint from any guests so far, though...​

●Check-in 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.

●Check-out - 10 a.m.

Cash payment only. Credit card is not available.

●You are required to show your passport or residence card at check in.

All non-smoking. You can smoke outside of the guest house, but please consider the neighbors.

Parking is free, but please let us know. based on availability. 

●Our property is not suitable for  party with alcohol after 11:30 p.m., please consider the neighbors.

●If you want to leave your luggage before check in time, also if you want to send your luggage before hand, please let us know. This facility is depart of family house, so sometimes we can't answer your requests.

●If you want us to keep your luggage after check out, please let us know.


●If you want to check in after 10 p.m. please let us know. As exception depending on circumstances, we can answer your request.

●No curfew after check in. You can hold an entrance card key (3000 yen key deposit)

●Staying in the living room after 10 a.m. , will be charged extra. (except guests staying more then 2 nights)

●Staying in your bed room after 10 a.m.. will be charged extra. (except guests staying more then 2 nights)

●Normal amount of trash is acceptable for free, but a lot of papers, many bottles, and  big size trash are not allowed to leave in the guesthouse. 

●If you are staying more than two nights, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. you can stay and go in and out, but we might be cleaning rooms.  

●You can cook in our kitchen. There is supermarket in 9 minutes walk distance. (Kitchen is available at 4 p.m.- 11:30 p.m., 4 a.m. - 10 a.m.)

●There are a lot of restaurants around the guest house, because this area is a town of university students.

●There are 100 yen shop, bento shop,  beef-don shop, some izakaya restaurants, convenience stores in walk distance.

●You can play the piano for free with consideration to others. ( 4pm-8pm, 9am-10am) (10am-4pm is also available for guests staying more than 2 nights)

●Guest who does not stay overnight (accompanied with overnight stay guests) is allowed to stay here within 30 minutes for free, but more than 30 minutes,  will be charged 250 yen per 1 hour per person. At any time, he or she is not allowed to enter the sleeping area, but  can use shower room for 500 yen (included face towel) 

Cancellation Policy

Upon cancellation of a reservation, the Customer will be charged a certain percentage of the total price of accommodation (cancellation charge) as listed below.

Two days before the intended check-in day: 30%

The day before the intended check-in day: 50%

The intended check-in day: 100%

no-show: 100%​ 

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