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Male, 5 years old. From the animal shelter in Shibata-City in Niigata-Pref. His mustache, tuxedo, and white socks are charming points. He likes strings and pens. His favorite food is cat food, small dried sardines, and "CIAO Churu" He also likes being petted, but not hugged. He is good at jumping like an Olympic athlete. You can take photos, pet and play with him. 







Male, born in August 2017. He was also in the animal shelter. Haku means "White" So fluffy! He is a big eater. You can hug him. Enjoy fluffy feeling.


6724-9 Ikarashi-ichinocho Nishi-ward Niigata-city, Niigata, Japan

新潟市西区五十嵐1の町​ 6724-9


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